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GSI sponsors three different seminars throughout the year at various venues. The Will Audit Seminar, Investment Seminar and Pension Seminar are free, and designed to give you the information you need about preserving your estate and creating a well-managed investment portfolio in an easy understandable way. When you attend a seminar you will be surprised to find that we will not try to sell you anything. Of course, if you want to talk to us, that decision is yours and we will be happy to help you.

To reserve a place at one or all of these seminars please choose from the tabs below or call the team on 01959 561500.  Each seminar lasts for approximately two hours and there will be plenty of time for questions.

The Will & Inheritance Tax Planning Briefing

New Inheritance tax rules were introduced by the government in April 2017, which will almost certainly mean your Will is out of date.  You may have read or heard that homeowners will no longer have to pay inheritance tax on the first £1M of their estate – But will you qualify for the tax reduction?

To benefit from the new Inheritance Tax allowances, millions of Wills need to be updated. It is important to regularly review your Will ensuring that your legacy will pass to the right people & that your family will benefit from the new Inheritance Tax legislation.

At the FREE Will Review Briefing we will explain how the new legislation works, and what you need to do to take advantage of these new rules.

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The Investment Briefing

Nobody knows what is going to happen after Brexit!
Standing still is not an option. You will be swept along with so many others who are plagued with doubt, insecurity and inexperience in dealing with events as they happen.

This could seriously damage your savings, your future wealth and income.

You should never feel helpless in this situation; take action to protect your investments and give yourself peace of mind!

This seminar is for anyone who needs to look after their savings for the generations to come, or who live from the interest the savings produce.

When attending this seminar you will learn:

  • How to increase the return on your savings and reduce risk.
  • How to protect yourself against bank failures and stock market falls.
  • How to reduce the tax you’re paying on your savings.
  • How you may be able to increase your income from your investments.

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Pension Briefings

In a world of increasing complexity, insufficient time and information overload, harnessing your pension is more important than ever before.

Pension rules are constantly changing!
Many existing pensions are old and out of date, or with companies that will not let you take advantage of the new rules. Millions of people will simply ignore these changes…. Don’t be one of them, don’t leave it to chance.

Is it time to review your pensions? Global Stock markets have continued to rally but they still remain volatile. Having a tested approach to looking after your pension can help you control risk and potentially achieve good long-term results.

You should attend if you have a pension that you may or may not have taken benefits, are unhappy with your returns and have not taken benefit, want to know if you will benefit from the new rules. Will your pension die with you or will it be a legacy for your family or do you have a final salary pension and thinking of transferring.

Our briefing will help you discover how to use the changes in the rules to your advantage, to help make sure you have more in your pocket when you retire.

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December 2018

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