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The Estate Preserver

Passing your estate to the right people

The legacy you leave for your loved ones is the last gift you can give them. We understand how important it is to preserve the value that you have worked hard for, to ensure that it really does pass to the right people, and is not diluted by unnecessary taxation.

The Estate Preserver is designed to help you define the value of your estate, and understand the options available to you for protecting it for your family. In the process of collecting the relevant information, it gives you the opportunity to consider what you have, and how best to pass it on to your loved ones. It also allows us to help you document the arrangements you have in place now so that in due course, this information can be shared with the people you trust to help you. When you are comfortable with a plan of action, we can then help you through the process of setting up a tailor-made solution for you and your family.

Asset Assessment

We start with a careful assessment of the assets you hold, including savings, pensions, life cover, property and death in services benefits, so that we can understand the current value of your estate. If you feel that there will be changes in the years to come, including making gifts to children, or receiving inheritances, these factors will also be included.

Your Options

The legacy you leave can be protected in many ways. You just need to understand the options you have. We can then help you to choose which option is best for you and your family.

Action Plan

Having decided on the best ways to protect your estate for your family, your plan can then be put into place. This will involve completing the relevant documents with you. This could include using our Will and Trust writing experts, to make sure that your Plan is professionally underwritten from the outset. When the documentation is ready for you, we will make sure that it is signed by you, and your chosen Trustees if appropriate, and witnessed accordingly.

The Estate Perserver is designed to sensitively and wisely help you make the best decisions for gifting your estate to those who mean the most to you.

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