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Tax Planning

There are four key ares of taxation: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. By making use of Tax Relief where it’s available, we are able to deliver considerable tax savings in most circumstances.

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Income Tax

Many people feel that income tax is the catch-all tax that no-one can do anything about. This is not necessarily true; although everyone at some point will pay some income tax, the amount payable can be reduced.

Sometimes this is merely a case of checking that our clients are receiving the tax relief they are entitled to; sometimes it means restructuring their income to make the best use of the tax rules.

Corporation Tax

Businesses are often not aware of simple and effective ways of reducing their corporation tax bill. GSI are able to provide services which will increase the stability of our clients’ businesses and reduce the corporation tax bill in that financial year.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is often the sour side to investment success. Effective planning tools used before an investment is made can mitigate the CGT liability.

Our relationship with our clients is very important to us, and we will always try to achieve our clients’ goals if at all possible.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax (IHT) has been described as, “A voluntary tax”. To some extent, this is true; you could always spend all your estate prior to your death and have no liability at all!  We use many strategies to mitigate IHT, from simple gifts to more complicated trusts. This often needs a revew of client's existing Wills.

People often think that IHT is an old person’s problem, but this is far from the case. Our clients are successful people who have built significant wealth, and this wealth could attract an IHT liability in the event of death. GSI feel that it is never too early to plan for IHT mitigation.


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