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Our focus is on working towards your goals and eliminating your financial concerns and worries. by working with you through the Wealth Protection Program.

Every pound you have should be within the framework of the Advanced Investment Strategy (AIS). No one should have investments in pensions, ISAs, bank deposits, unit trusts or bonds without that investment having an understood purpose. Investment strategy depends upon what that purpose is.

Only you know what that is for you. Not all of your savings has the same purpose. Some are short term; some for known and predictable requirements; some to provide income in retirement; some for speculative opportunities. The list of possibilities is endless. But do you have a purpose strategy for all these different elements of your investment?

If your investment target is unknown, then your investment results can't hit that target! But where the target is known, we can measure the results, and they will be closer to what you require. We will be able to reduce the uncertainty of the outcome.

Asset allocation is a way of investing, which provides our clients with relatively high security of investment for relatively low risk. We put into practice theories first proven by a Nobel Prize Winner, and we are great believers in this method of investing. For more details, click below…


Asset Allocation is basically a way of spreading investments in a systematic way to reduce the roller-coaster ride of the stock-markets, whilst providing the potential for good returns. 

Pensions can be a very emotive subject. On the one hand, years of mismanagement and apathy have resulted in poor returns with horrific charges; on the other, the tax relief provided by pensions is unrivalled by anything available within the UK.

We believe that pensions are a valuable part of anyone’s wealth program, especially because of the tax relief available. Therefore, our strategy is designed to deal with people’s fears of bad returns, unjustifiably high charges and poor management.

We use advanced Risk Profiling techniques to provide you with a personalised investment model. Once this has been finalised, we invest your money with the country’s leading investment mangers and provide an ongoing monitoring service which ensures that apathy cannot erode your investment.


Always remember it is your money. Your apathy to your money often means the large institutions such as banks can make billions of pounds.

We invest your money with the country’s leading investment mangers – why settle for second best?

Investing money can be bewildering. There are ISAs, OEICS, Unit Trusts, Bonds, Offshore investments, stocks, shares, gilts and many other options. Which type of investment is right for your circumstances?

Our advisers are excellently-placed within the industry to not only advise on which investment is right for you, but also to seek out new an innovative investments which may be of interest to you. We have advanced research tools which ensure we always have up-to-date information, but this is only half the story. We also regularly meet with many different industry professionals to ensure that our knowledge is fresh and warm, rather than just cold data from our research systems.

We manage your investments using sophisticated risk profiling techniques and years of experience. We match investments to our clients, ensuring that the client understands the investment and is happy with the level of risk.

Is it time for you to take control?

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